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La Plage Meta Verse, Africa’s first Synchronous Learning Platform. With students and trainers from over 15 countries taking and offering courses with La Plage Meta Verse, it’s a sure testimony to how far our learning method is being embraced. LPMV has well over 200 Partners and 1,800 facilitators changing the narrative on digital education in Africa and the world in general. We offer the most affordable fees and free courses. La Plage Meta Verse courses are easily accessible. So far, La Plage Meta Verse, its partners, and facilitators have trained over 30,000 students, with so many having job placements, appointments, etc. in various countries.

​Our volunteer training program is second to none, we train, develop and engage world-class volunteers.

Be part of history.




Our Mission Is to Empower Through Quality, Accessible and Affordable Education

At La Plage Meta Verse, we’re proud to be Africa’s first Synchronous Learning Platform offering a high-quality, flexible and personalized educational experience to each and every student. Take a look through our site to learn more about all we have to offer.


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We Provide Solutions

We provide in-person classroom training or online interactive classes to keep your staff motivated as they upskill themselves in a supportive environment.

We also provide Training solutions for skills development that have been known to show performance improvement in organizations. As a result, their demand increased, and those in the education and learning, and development sectors responded.

This exponential growth of training solutions and the widespread availability of digital educational resources means that millions of individuals around the globe no longer need to complete training at their workplace, but can learn from the comfort of their own homes. 





We keep to our word by providing students with life-changing courses. 




We are committed to ensuring every student visiting our site and taking our courses leaves with a smile on their face. 




Accountability is our watchword, and that is why students from various countries always come back to class with us.



Passion drive our desire to continue to excel while providing the best of attention to our students and trainers alike.



We share knowledge most relevant to current realities with most students going on to get jobs, retaining their current jobs, and getting appointments. 



We are interested in your Growth.


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La Plage Meta Verse is Accredited by America Council of Training & Development (ACTD) No. AD2357G14CM
La Plage Meta Verse is also an Accredited UK CPD Provider With the CPD Group No. #780343
We are Members of Association of Healthcare Trainers UK