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We offer the most affordable fees and free courses. La Plage Meta Verse courses are easily accessible.

So far, La Plage Meta Verse, with its trainers and facilitators have trained over 90,000 students, with so many having job placements, appointments, etc. in various fields and countries.

Our volunteer training program is second to none, we train, develop and engage world-class leaders.

Be part of history.



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Our educational Courses prepares you for real life experience and learning. Our students have gone ahead to get great job placements and professional advancement after taking our courses. 

Do you just want to do a refresher program, then you are welcome to the best place for refresher training. 

Why Study WIth Us?

Our Passion
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Why Choose La Plage Meta Verse?

At La Plage Meta Verse, we’re proud to be Africa’s first Synchronous Learning Platform offering a high-quality, flexible and personalized educational experience to each and every student. Take a look through our site to learn more about all we have to offer.


Self Development

We share knowledge most relevant to current realities with most students going on to get jobs, retaining their current jobs and getting appointments. 


Our Pasion

Passion drives our desire to continue to excel while providing the best of attention to our students,  trainers and facilitators alike. Our continued desire to see people take courses without the pressure of cost and distance has made us the best one stop educational center for learning globally. 



Our Alumni Association is a new educational and professional community building platform for La Plage Meta Verse’s alumni. It is the only place online where you can find, and connect with well over 90,000 Laplagians. All alumni are automatically enrolled!

La Plage Meta Verse alumni forum affords you the opportunity to have access to network with other students from various countries, be first to know about available international scholarships, gain insight into current international job opportunities and much more. 

Click here to join our Alumni Association 

As part of our service towards ensuring the total professional development of our students, we have working relationship with some professional bodies, simply click on any of them to join for free……….

  1. Africa Society for Healthcare Professionals (ASHP)
  2. African Public Speaking Academy (APSA)
  3. Africa Export Academy (AEA)
  4. Africa Network of Hospitality Professionals (ANHP)
  5. International Disaster Volunteers (IDV)
  6. Digital Trainers and Facilitators (DTF)

Express yourself professionally and enjoy your newly found academic and professional freedom. 



Career Path

Your career path is assured with you taking courses with La Plage Meta Verse. We have graduating students working all over the world with our certificates. 

We encourage skill and learning acquisition before certification, hence our students are always fully equipped to work in their chosen fields. 

We also advertised verified job placements for our alumni, these could be local or international jobs.  

We provide in-person classroom training or online interactive classes to keep you motivated as you upskill in a supportive environment.